Stephen Matthews | Research Associate

Stephen Matthews

I was a Research Associate in the Open Lab group. My research focuses on analysing animal and human behaviour using sensors and machine learning.

I work on a BBSRC and Innovate UK (previously Technology Strategy Board) funded project that seeks to automatically identify early warning signs of health and welfare problems in pigs using computer vision and environmental information. This is a collaboration with the university's School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development and four industry partners Zoetis, Innovent Technology Ltd, RAFT Solutions Ltd and Harbro Ltd.

More information is available from and my Google Scholar profile.


Automated tracking to measure behavioural changes in pigs for health and welfare monitoring
Matthews SG, Miller AL, Plotz T, Kyriazakis I, Scientific Reports


Early detection of health and welfare compromises through automated detection of behavioural changes in pigs
Matthews SG, Miller AL, Clapp J, Pl&#246, tz T, Kyriazakis I, The Veterinary Journal43-51

Associated Projects

  • Automated detection of health and welfare problems in pigs
    Justification Subclinical & clinical disease are the main factors responsible for pig system inefficiency, resulting in reductions in productivity and pig welfare. Currently, disease detection is done through human observation or diagnosti...
    August 30, 2011
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