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Toby Lowe

I am a Newcastle University Research Fellow, working for Newcastle University Business School and based at OpenLab. I work on the Digital Civics project, exploring ways to improve the performance of social interventions. I am interested in helping those engaging in social change to be more effective at what they do.

My background is in Political Philosophy, where I explored the concept of community: what it means, and what a politics that took community seriously would look like.

Following my PhD, I left academia for 15 years. I worked in the fields of regeneration, social inclusion and the arts, in both policy and delivery roles. Most recently, I was Chief Executive of Helix Arts, an organisation which promotes equality of opportunity to make art.

My role at the Business School also includes developing relationships between the University and those seeking to create social change. This includes developing the Leaders Network for Social Change, and the Little Heresies in Public Policy seminar series.

I'm currently working with Lankelly Chase on their system change project - see what we're up to here:  and supporting funders and commissioners to develop trust-based funding mechanisms.


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