Telmo Amaral | Research Associate

Telmo Amaral

My work in the Open Lab deals with automated analysis of images of animal tissue, in the framework of a project co-funded by Innovate UK and BBSRC, involving collaborations with Tulip Ltd, Hellenic Systems Ltd and the University of Dundee.

I've got a master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. After working as a research assistant in areas such as digital systems' testing, distance learning and telecare, I completed a PhD and a year of post-doctoral work on medical image analysis at the School of Computing of the University of Dundee. My research focused on automated analysis of images of breast tissue microarray (TMA) spots. After that I did some work on deep learning techniques applied to image analysis, at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering in Porto.

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Associated Projects

  • Automated screening for pig pathologies at abattoir
    Visual inspection of carcasses is an important factor for ensuring the quality of meat products. However, manual inspection puts a strain on meat inspector resources, which effectively prevents detailed screening for the purposes of health scheme...
    August 30, 2011
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