Steve Hodges | Visiting Professor

Steve Hodges

My research interests broadly fall into two categories: novel electronic devices and new technologies and techniques for interaction. I am also interested in tools and platforms which can be used for research in these areas. The ultimate goal of my work is to seed new devices and technologies into the market, creating new interactive experiences for users and building new business opportunities in the device ecosystem. Projects such as SenseCamTouch MouseThinSight and .NET Gadgeteer are good examples of impactful research which has also enjoyed commercial success.


In addition to my role as a Visiting Professor at the Open Lab, I lead the Sensors and Devices research group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. I previously worked at the Xerox Cambridge EuroPARCOlivetti/AT&T Labs and Cambridge University Engineering Department. I have a PhD in robotics and computer vision from Cambridge University.

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Associated Projects

  • Making 3D Printed Objects Interactive
    This project explores an approach that allows designers and others to quickly and easily make 3D printed objects interactive, without the need for hardware or software expertise and with little modification to an object’s physical design. With our...
    August 30, 2011
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