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David Kim

I am a PhD Student at Newcastle University in the School of Computing Science and an on-site Microsoft Research PhD Fellow working within the Interactive 3D Technologies group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. I received my MSc in Media Informatics from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in 2008. Before moving to the UK, I worked on novel multi-touch technologies and applications in the Fluidum group in Munich. My current research focuses on novel input and output technologies for "Freeform 3D Interactions in Everyday Environments".

Natural User Interfaces (NUI) has received a great deal of attention in recent years. Much of this attention is around the Kinect and gaming in the living room. My research looks at ways of taking NUI out of the living room, into our everyday lives. Through the design, prototyping and evaluation of novel NUI systems, I am exploring how NUI can become truly ubiquitous, allowing such interactions to be incorporated into new user experiences and scenarios, in particular in rethinking traditional mobile and desktop interactions.

A secondary theme within my research is exploring the convergence of NUI with Augmented Reality (AR). Over the years we’ve seen AR technologies such as glasses, tracking and mapping, and mobile computing maturing. A less researched topic is how to make such AR technologies interactive. I’m interested in fusing together ideas from NUI with AR. These areas can be seen as very complimentary; NUI is focused on sensing new forms of input, and AR traditionally focuses on new forms of output. Bringing these two fields together can lead to new user experiences that radically change the way we interact and even think about computing systems.

Curriculum Vitae

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(Best Demo Award 2nd place)

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(Honorable Mention)

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Digits: freehand 3D interactions anywhere using a wrist-worn gloveless sensor
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Multi-touch authentication on tabletops
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