Form Follows Experience

This project aims to develop an experiential approach to designing meaningful artefacts through 3D technology for technological empowerment and education.

By augmenting and customising objects, the DIY community has shown how individual expression can create a stronger personal attachment to a material object than a purely digitally fabricated one. Meanwhile, online modelling software, personal fabrication, and 3D scanning and printing are becoming more readily available to a wider community in the digital public space.

This project aims to explore the potential this technology holds to empower a non-expert audience, making it accessible to people who are not normally engaged with 3D technology. Developing accessible tools to create personalised material artefacts is potentially a new way of capturing real-life, spatial experiences whilst educating users. By borrowing elements from data visualisation, craft and digital fabrication, this project looks at how notions of story telling, audience experience and participation can be explored through 3D technology.