App Movement – Community Commissioning of Mobile Technologies

Start your app movement today.

App Movement is a platform that was developed at Open Lab which enables any individual, community or organisation to propose, design and automatically generate a multi-platform mobile application.

The platform raises research questions around the implications of community commissioning for mobile technologies as well as the use of technology to centralise, vocalise and design for issues within communities to support civic action.

App Movement is a platform that allows anyone with an app idea to start a campaign and gather support from the community. Much like crowdfunding platforms, such as Kick Starter, the campaign must hit a target number of supporters in order to confirm there is a real demand behind the idea. This target also ensures that the app will have a sufficient number of users who are ready to contribute content and promote the app. Once the app has reached it’s target it will enter the design phase whereby supporters can contribute towards the app name, colour scheme and rating options as well as vote on submissions made by other members. This democratic process allows every community member to have an equal say on the final design of the app. Once this phase is complete the idea moves to the final phase where the mobile app is automatically generated using the design features voted for by the community.

Watch the video to see how it works or click here to find out more.