Citizen-Generated Narratives

As non-professionally produced/user-generated audiovisual content floods social media sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud, do current categorisation and search facilities provide adequate means to identify and explore meaningful narratives? Do users really feel like their voices are being heard – and, if so, by whom? Are there ways we can categorise and aggregate the digital public space to empower communities and citizens to collectively construct meaningful narratives which tell their stories using the languages of visual storytelling? Are there methods by which practical filmmaking and storytelling skills can be communicated to citizen journalists and other citizen storytellers to assist with content legibility? Can we provide tools to use during the content creation process which will allow a more structured aggregation of data, perhaps by attaching more meaningful metadata? Could the process of narrative construction ever be automated? – if so, could it be targeted, personalised, or even adaptable to situations, locations, schedules and activities?