Recording Scholarly Throughts


In many disciplines video is becoming a major vehicle for dissemination,

and documentary videos are often presented as evidence for research in conferences. However, I would like to suggest that video has its limitations and researchers need to be weary of the seemingly transparent quality of the medium[1] and try to seek alternative media to contextualize their research process.


The project is a practice-based research between HCI and Sociology. I am currently developing a series of visual prompts that are intended as workshop tools to facilitate discussion with participants about alternative media for research dissemination. The first set of visual prompts were copies of a lenticular image printed on different materials such as acetate, acrylic and ‘Gelflex’. Through different techniques, the image is transferred onto a range of materials, which in turn alters how the image appears.


[1] Elish has described the contested status of demo videos of technologies in her paper ‘Responsible storytelling: communicating research in video demos.’