.NET Gadgeteer

.NET Gadgeteer is an open-source toolkit for building small electronic devices, which we developed in conjunction with Microsoft Research. Previously, it could take months or even years for hardware developers to build a prototype for the devices they designed. This platform enables people to build and program a near-limitless range of devices quickly and easily. While it is powerful enough for professional developers to use in the creation of prototypes, it is equally accessible to people who have little or no experience of electronics, giving it potential as an educational tool and for use by hobbyists.

The .NET Gadgeteer toolkit contains a range of hardware, from accelerometers to temperature and humidity sensors to camera modules. There is also a variety of mainboards containing embedded processors available. To build devices, users connect the desired modules to their compatible sockets, then program the device using the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. They are able to take advantage of the features of the Microsoft Visual Studio to make the programming process easier.

Digital Interaction are developing new modules for the toolkit, and have run various workshops to teach people about the system as well as collaborating on the book Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer. We have also utilised .NET Gadgeteer in a number of our own projects and workshops.


Projects Using Gadgeteer

  • Integrated Video Game Controllers October 1, 2012 Tom SmithI am working on interface designs for video games across many different genres and game play styles. Video games are inherently interactive, yet modern input controllers are physically static and generalised to allow for a wide range of game genres to be played with them. This makes them jacks of all trades and masters of ...