The Creative Exchange

The Creative Exchange (CX) is a Knowledge Exchange Hub for the Creative Economy. We aim to develop strategic partnerships with creative businesses and cultural organisations, strengthening and diversifying their collaborative research activities and increasing the number of Arts and Humanities researchers actively engaged in research-based knowledge exchange. CX has a network of 41 partners throughout the UK, including the BBC, MediaCity UK, Microsoft Research, TATE Liverpool, SAGE Gateshead, Opera North, NESTA, Lancaster City Council, the Storey Creative Industries Centre and FutureEverything, as well as over 30 small and medium-sized companies working in the creative sector.

Newcastle University, Lancaster University, and the Royal College of Art are facilitating the Hub, with each institution focusing on complementary but separate research. Newcastle will focus on two themes. The first is “Performance, liveness and participation”, which looks at new ways for people to be involved in live performances, for example, through the use of social media. The second is “Stories, archives and living heritage”, which creates ways of exploring historical archives and encourages people to generate their own content.

Meanwhile, our collaborative research will explore the broad theme of the “digital public space” through six more specific themes: personalisation, experience, participation, connectivity, narrative and identity. This will inform the development of prototype digital systems and services that innovate in the areas of broadcast interactive media, user-generated content, narrative experience and live performance, leading to local and national deployments and field trials. To support this research, Newcastle has offered seven fully-funded PhD studentships; the students will undertake project-focused, practice-based research, including funding to support placements without creative sector partners.

This page will be updated during the course of the Hub with details of collaborative projects and knowledge exchange outcomes. Please see the main CX website for more information.

Press release: Newcastle to play key role in new £4 million creativity hub

Date: Jan 2012 – Dec 2015
Funding: Arts and Humanities Research Council