DERC: Digital Economy Research Centre

To complement the Digital Civics research undertaken in our Centre for Doctoral Training in Digital Civics, the Digital Economy Research Centre funds 25 post-doctoral researchers across a range of disciplines.

DERC will deliver a sustained program of multi- and cross- disciplinary research using research methods that are participatory, action-based, and embedded in the real world. The research approach will operate across multiple scales (e.g. individual, family, community, institution) and involve long-term embedded research activity at scale. Like the CDT in Digital Civics, DERC aims to support research to design, develop, and evaluate new digitally mediated models of citizen participation that engage communities, the third sector, local government and (crucially) the commercial digital economy in developing the future of local service provision and local democracy.

Date: November 2015 – October 2020

Funding: EPSRC £4,051,357

Researchers: Patrick Olivier (PI), Peter Wright.