Publications in 2000

A family-based intervention to increase consumption of starchy foods

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2000Nutrition and Food Science

Allocation of function: scenarios, context and the economics of effort.

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2000International Journal of Human-Computer Studies

Analyzing Human-Computer Interaction as Distributed Cognition: the resources model

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2000Human-Computer Interaction

CamPlan: A Camera Planning Agent

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2000Smart Graphics: Papers from the 2000 AAAI Spring Symposium

Children’s understanding of fruits and vegetables – implications for nutrition education

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2000Proceedings of the Nutrition Society

Implications of fortification of white flour with folic acid on total folate intake by adolescents

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2000Proceedings of the Nutrition Society

Nutrition and the health care agenda: a primary care perspective

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2000Family Practice

Nutritional knowledge, food preparation, knowledge and cooking confidence of 187 schoolchildren

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2000Proceedings of the Nutrition Society

Risk of cardiovascular disease measured by carotid intima-media thickness at age 49-51: Lifecourse study

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Smart Graphics: Papers from the AAAI Spring Symposium

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2000AAAI Technical Reports

The consumption of fruits and vegetables by Scottish children of primary school age

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2000Proceedings of the Nutrition Society

The relationship between starch and fat consumption in a UK population

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2000Proceedings of the Nutrition Society