MINT CAKE is a Newcastle University research project on air quality and environmental sustainability in Newcastle upon Tyne. Plants can capture and even absorb air pollution. In the MINT CAKE project, we aim to measure and map air quality in the city using food grown at home as sensors. We are interested in how air pollution varies with location to better understand its causes and risks to our health and environment and, particularly, how it affects our ability to grow healthy food across the city.

What does the project involve?

To participate in the study, we will provide you with a plant and growing materials to grow for us outdoors at your home, and take 1 - 3 cuttings throughout the study and send them to us for analysis.

We will host a project launch event at a convenient location in the City where you can collect your plant and take it home. We expect this will take place in April/May 2016 depending on the number of responses we receive for participation.

The study will run for 3 months and throughout this period we'll provide support and share the results with you and the other participants through our online website, and we hope you'll share some photos of the plant's progress, and your thoughts on the study and results with the group, too.

Finally, we'd also ask that you take part in an interview or focus group (30 - 60 minutes) to tell us about your experiences of the study.

Who are we?

We are a team of researchers at Newcastle University. Dr. Adrian Clear is a Senior Research Associate in the School of Computing Science. Dr. Phil James is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. And, Dr. Claire Walsh is a Research Fellow in the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. This study is part of an academic research project funded by Science Central, Newcastle University.

How to participate.

Interested and willing to help? Just get in touch using the sign up button below and we'll send you details of where to pick up your planting kit. We hope the air quality measurements will be of interest to you, so we'll share them throughout the project.

Contact us

Adrian Clear
Open Lab
Level 4, 89 Sandyford road
Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 208 4633