About the Workshop


The one day workshop  will build on the experiences of refugees and researchers and organizations working with refugee populations, in order to (1) critically reflect on methods to use when conducting HCI research with refugees and (2) develop a research agenda that would guide HCI research. In the process of meeting those aims the workshop will be a space for building future collaborations among HCI researchers. The aims will be achieved through a series of break out discussions and design activities.

More specifically, the aim of the workshop is to bring together a community of researchers to build on the current experience in conducting research with refugee communities. This extends to experience working with refugees in camps, journeying through Europe and undergoing resettlement in the U.S. We aim to explore the roles researchers take on when engaging with refugee communities. Furthermore, given the numerous stakeholders involved in the refugee humanitarian response we aim to explore researchers’ agency in balancing their research agendas with that of the refugee communities and various other stakeholders. To properly tackle the challenges faced in undertaking the above mentioned activities, we aim to unpick the applicability of the current methods and standards of ethical review boards (i.e. regarding participant recruitment and participant compensation).

The second aim is to investigate research methods that HCI is currently employing (or should employ) in such sensitive and emergency-response contexts. Taking commonly used methodologies for engaging with vulnerable populations and communities as a starting point –i.e. Action Research (AR) and “HCI for Development”–we  attempt to trigger a critical discussion about the application and adaptation of HCI and other social sciences methods in such contexts in order to respond to these peoples’ acute and long-term needs while allowing us to reflect on the role of HCI for development.


Workshop Schedule


Time                                                   Activity
9:00-9:15                                      Welcome
9:15-10:15                                    Introductions
10:15-10:20                                  Dividing into thematic groups
10:20-11:00                                 Coffee Break
11:00-11:30                                  Mapping of initiatives and research methodologies
11:30-12:30                                  Identifying methodological barriers and difficulties
12:30-2:00                                    Lunch
2:00-2:40                                      Speculative Design activity
2:40-3:30                                      Study design activity
3:30-4:00                                     Coffee Break
4:00-5:00                                     Putting together guidelines
5:00-5:10                                     Wrap up and next steps