Workshop Papers

 A Doodled “Us”: A Design Case Study On Urban Collaborative Art With Arduino Mengyao Zhao & Dakuo Wang

Artistic Participatory Video-Making for Science Engagement Anne Adams, Elizabeth Hartnett, Gill Clough, Ann Grand & Rick Goldsmith

Regenerative Social Engagement through Performative Technologies Liam Betsworth & Matt Jones

In The Air Tonight: An Uncommon Interface for Common Concern Maggie Chan, Dave Colangelo, Patricio Davila & Robert Tu

 Location and Translation: Immediate Experience becoming Aesthetic Response in Socially-Engaged Practice Sala Wong & Peter Williams

Data Dialogues: Critical Reflections on HCI and Socially Engaged Arts Practice Rachel Jacobs, Steve Benford, Gabriella Giannachi, Jesse Blum, Vicky Shipp & Martin Flintham