Ambient Kitchen – Lite

AK-Lite is a portable version of the Ambient Kitchen and is intended for real-world home-based deployments of our experiments in pervasive sensing and display for situated cooking support. AK-Lite consists of a set of utensils fitted with accelerometers, with extra accelerometers that can be attached to handles on ovens and taps and to food containers, as well as a tablet computer contained in a bespoke designed case. As such it is fully portable and considerably less expensive to deploy than the complete Ambient Kitchen. AK-Lite is being used in a number of ongoing projects, including¬†LanCook, for which partners across Europe are using it for task-based language learning, SiDE, for the assessment and monitoring of the cooking skills of people with dementia, and Balance@Home, in which it is being used to improve people’s cooking skills and encourage healthier eating practices.

Part of the LanCook, SiDE and Balance@Home projects.

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