Bootlegger is a revolutionary new tool for shooting live event videos using mobile phones. Musicians and fans can connect using Bootlegger to produce high-quality multi-camera concert fi­lms. Bootlegger acts as director and producer, coordinating camera operators, suggesting shots and collecting footage. During the gig, the Bootlegger app allocates shots according to where you are in the venue. Fans at the front might be asked to grab closeups while those at the back are given wide shots. For consistency, example compositions are shown as overlays on the screen.
To keep things interesting, Bootlegger suggests different shots and compositions guaranteeing great coverage. Operators are automatically set to ‘go live’ by the app and warned if another phone can’t get a shot, meaning no gaps. After the show Bootlegger uploads videos to the cloud automatically and securely, enabling musicians to keep control of their live content. Any number of phones can be used for a single event. Shows can be private, with an invited team or made public so any audience member with a smartphone can participate.

  • Bootlegger is part of a project exploring the democratization of music production: musicians are using digital tools to take control of their recording and distribution.
  • Bootlegger enables music fans and musicians to collaborate seamlessly, providing a forum where everyone’s creative input can be judged on its own terms.
  • Bootlegger teaches film-making conventions to non-expert users: we are exploring whether the resulting videos are more persuasive, more engaging and more powerful as a promotional tool.