Secure PIN Reminder

While meant to increase security, complex PIN and password systems routinely force people to compromise sensitive information. While conducting research for the New Approaches to Banking for the Older Old project, many interviewees said that, though they were aware of the security risk, they kept written records of PINs and passwords due to difficulty remembering them.

The Biometric Daemon is a personal device to securely remind users of their PINs. It registers the traits of its owner, such as gait (through use of an accelerometer), and fingerprints. As interviewees often spoke of remembering the “patterns” of their PINs and passwords rather than the numbers and words themselves, the device also uses a physical password, which the user inputs using a series of clockwise and anticlockwise turns, recognised by a gyroscope. Through recognising the gait, then the physical password, and finally the fingerprint of its owner, the device offers two hints and then the entirety of up to four passwords and PINs. Because the Biometric Daemon will only work for one person, it provides users with a means of reminding themselves of security information without compromising it.

Part of the New Approaches to Banking for the Older Old project.