Questionable Concepts

We gave postcards to the people involved in the participatory design aspect of “New Approaches to Banking for the Older Old”. These cards posed a question about a specific scenario relating to banking, inspired by some of the points raised during the interview stage. On the other side of the postcard was space to draw a solution for a difficulty that might be encountered in that scenario. Many of the suggestions made were impractical or dangerous, and some would cause as many problems as they would solve. These suggestions were not intended to be real solutions, however, but rather to be provocative and to instigate further discussion.

Some of the scenarios we posed were:

• “Imagine walking down the street with a large amount of cash on you. Draw something that would protect you.”
• “Imagine someone paid a bill for you. How would you make sure it happened?”
• “Imagine using intelligent cash. What might it look like?”

Part of the New Approaches to Banking for the Older Old project.