Talking Memory Box

We developed the Talking Memory Box to allow people to digitally record, store and playback stories. It was designed for families and schools as a way for people to share stories and experiences that are associated with important objects or images, such as a photo of a school trip.

By fitting objects with RFID tags, the box becomes a fully interactive device, playing content that corresponds to each object when a user places it on the box. Users can also filter content by placing down more than one object at once, as the box will then search for content that relates to all of the objects. Users are able to personalise their Memory Box so that their device is unique to them.

The Talking Memory Box has been deployed both at the school in Preston that collaborated on its design, and at the Byker Heritage Centre.

Part of theĀ Bespoke: Increasing Social Inclusion through Community Journalism and Bespoke Design project.