Lindow Man

The Lindow Man was discovered in 1984 and is thought to have died between 2BC and 119AD. There are a number of wounds on the remains; however, the exact circumstances of the man’s death are a mystery. The Lindow Man installation was a multi-touch tabletop installation and allowed people to discover more about the death through quizzes and interaction, as well as enabling them to utilise copies of museum artefacts as an aid to their discussion and exploration.

The installation consisted of two 1.5m circular rear projected tabletop displays mounted in a figure eight configuration. As users touched the Perspex tabletop, a PC camera mounted beneath it tracked the bright areas. Using FTIR technology, Infrared light was shone through the surface of the tabletop, reflecting from contact points into the camera.

The installation was part of the Great North Museum’s Lindow Man exhibition, which ran from August—November 2009.

Press release: Lindow Man comes to the Great North Museum