Media Crate

Live media production incorporates a series of different hardware tools, media types and outputs. Coordinating all of these things is a high intensity task that presents a number of issues, including time-consuming setup, a wide array of control systems to learn and remember, and a level of complexity that prevents novice team members from operating some tools.

Media Crate takes into account the needs of live media producers and allows production teams to collaborate around one tabletop interface that displays all media at once. The workflow can be reorganised depending on the scenario, giving all team members the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of production. Users interact with the tabletop using tangible tile objects, each of which corresponds to an output or action. This means that each member of the team is able to see what the other members are doing, and gives an idea of both individual user interaction and the state of the production as a whole. Furthermore, this visual, collaborative interface is easier to use in the high-stress, high-volume environment in which live media production teams frequently work.

This is part of Tom Bartindale’s PhD: Interaction Design for Live Events.

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