Tales of I

Tales of I is a installation developed in collaboration with an adult mental health and learning disability development unit. Many residents of the unit have chronic dementia, and the room is intended to help trigger pleasant memories. Tales of I consists of two bespoke pieces of furniture, a wall cabinet and a television cabinet. The wall cabinet holds seven small, themed, resin globes that encase colourful images and sculptures. Each globe has a RFID tag on its base. The television unit has a RFID reader in the top of it, so that when users place a globe on the television, it plays a short film relating to the theme of the globe.

There is also an “All About Me” aspect to the project, in that staff at the unit can create personal films for individual residents. We created this to be an extension of the existing staff practice of making books for each resident, which contain scanned photographs and details of the resident’s life. These are used to de-escalate situations when residents are upset, as they enable discussion of comforting, familiar aspects of residents’ lives.

Part of the Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy (SiDE) project.

See the entry for the Reminiscence Room on the SiDE website.