StoryCrate was designed in collaboration with BBC Research & Development and is a production tool for use during television filming. Its primary aim is to provide an overall status indicator for the production, which anyone on the team can access at any time.

StoryCrate consists of a high-resolution tangible display built into a portable flight case, which is connected to cameras as they film. When a camera stops filming, the clips it has recorded appear on the device, and the on-site production staff is able to produce “rush” edits from the shots instantaneously, slotting them into place on the pre-prepared storyboard. This live storyboarding allows instant playback of clips in the final production order rather than the order in which it was shot, something that has not previously been accomplished during the shooting process. Designed to facilitate creativity, it allows on-site staff to utilise their skills in a way they previously could not.

This is a part of Tom Bartindale’s PhD: Interaction Design for Live Events