When designing the lighting for an event or performance, directors have a vision of what they want the stage to look like, while lighting technicians have the knowledge required to put the director’s ideas into practice. However, it can be difficult for the two groups to communicate their knowledge to each other. NUILight (New User Interface Lighting), formerly Thor DMX, is a suite of interactive lighting control systems, intended as a tool to bridge the communication gap between designers, technicians and performers.

NUILight operates wirelessly, so it can be accessed from anywhere in the venue using a wide range of devices, including Surface, Android phones and Win7 tablets. The system presents users with a multi-touch plan of the venue. They can then group lights together, create cues, and “finger paint” the virtual venue to see the effect in the real one, directing the lighting with ease and precision. It is possible for audiences to take part in this finger painting, enabling them to engage with the space.

This is part of Tom Bartindale’s PhDInteraction Design for Live Events“.

See the NUILight website.
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