Viewpoint is a simple, lightweight voting mechanism designed to allow organizations and elected representatives to solicit feedback from a community, and to make it far easier for residents to voice their opinions on local matters. Councillors and community groups can post weekly questions on three Viewpoint devices deployed in public locations around the Callon and Fishwick areas of Preston. When each poll closes, question posters can then submit responses to be displayed on the devices. The device features two buttons that residents can use to vote and a wheel that, when turned, displays the results of the previous week’s question. Throughout the week, the device displays the number of people who have voted, which way the vote is leaning, and how long it is until the poll closes. Residents also have the option to vote via free text message.

Part of the Bespoke: Increasing Social Inclusion through Community Journalism and Bespoke Design project.


Press: Gift of the gadgets to get residents talking, Lancashire Evening Post, 11 August 2011

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