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This workshop will bring together Sustainable HCI researchers to map the existing landscape of UK research in this domain, and to highlight challenges that cut across social, economic, and environmental sustainability. This mapping will form the basis of a UK research network to collaborate and share experiences of sustainable HCI research across the range of domains that fall under this umbrella.

This workshop has three goals:

  • Establish a UK network of Sustainable HCI researchers;
  • Map the landscape of UK Sustainable HCI, emphasising the UK as a specific research domain, to identify challenges and opportunities for future research,
  • Create the foundation for a long-term community presence in Sustainable HCI at the national and international level.

The workshop will be of interest to HCI researchers interested in social, economic and environmental sustainability challenges, as well as researchers from other disciplines interested in impacts of technology for sustainability, or digital interventions for sustainability.

We invite two submission types:

  • 2-4 page position papers in CHI ACM Extended Abstract Format relating Sustainable HCI research to the UK context, and/or mapping challenges or opportunities for Sustainable HCI in the UK
  • 1-paragraph expressions of interest presenting a brief biography and sustainable HCI research interests.

Accepted position papers will be published on the workshop website, and authors will be allotted a short time slot to present their position during the workshop. The majority of the workshop will consist of group breakout discussion sessions designed to map research domains, challenges and approaches. This mapping will be consolidated post-workshop by participants and prepared for publication in an appropriate venue.

Please direct queries and submissions to Adrian Clear (

At least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop.

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