Workshop Results

The workshop would not have been such an inspiring and interesting event without the participants’ active engagement with the interactive exercises of our workshop. We really enjoyed the workshop day and look forward to further actions (we keep you updated). Please find here more information on what we did, how we did it, and what we learned throughout the day – see the Workshop Slides.

After the presentation of the papers, we jumped into group discussions and explored in detail success and failure stories by each participant and tried to come up with major limitations and challenges when transferring qualitative user study findings to different stakeholders. The short and initial messages from the five working groups can be summarized as follows:

The end is the beginning (open up your data after you collected it)

The environment defines it (interplay between domain, stakeholder, etc.)




There is no one strategy which fits all (it is always another story)

Understand the business behind is important for the transfer

Tailor the transfer of findings to your stakeholders

Walk the Wall - all participants on the stage to share their message














Below the detailed creations from each group are shown:

Group1 Poster

Group2 Poster

Group3 Poster

Group4 Poster

Group5 Poster


All Messages in the Bottle










Afterwards we walked the wall and shared our thoughts, ideas, concerns and challenges. With this messages we went for lunch and continued afterwards with the “practitioners perspectives” – presentation by Elizabeth Buie and Jettie Hoonhout / two different stories and requests for researchers and their approaches to get the message across.

More interaction and exercises defined the afternoon leading to some basic discussions around the different ways to communicate ideas, findings towards practitioners – not just for the purpose of understanding and transferring but also to convince further support by companies and linking research and practice.

Group 1 - challenged by Jettie as practitioner

Group 1 - convincing Jettie through an Elevator Pitch Chat






Group 2 - challenged by Elizabeth as practitioner

Group 2 - convincing Elizabeth about the Home for the Elderly Idea







At the end we collected the main messages on the workshop from each participant. In the spirit of the workshop title, the messages are all in the bottle and will be spread further with the help of us as organizers and you as participants.

Some useful link on connecting research and practice:

New SIGCHI Community: Research-Practice Interaction (get in touch with Elizabeth Buie for more information)

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