Marianna Obrist has recently become a Marie Curie post-doc Fellow at the Culture Lab at the Newcastle University, UK. The focal point of her research is on user experience, UX studies, methods and evaluation. Marianna was involved in several research projects concerned with the study of UX in different contexts and situations (e.g., home, mobile, games). She was involved in the organization of diverse workshops, SIGs at CHI and other HCI-related conferences (e.g., NordiCHI, MobileHCI, EuroiTV).

Virpi Roto is a Post-doctoral Researcher at Aalto University, Finland. Her background is in computer science and she has 15+ years of experience in the HCI field, most of that time in Nokia Research Center. She has employed various usability and user experience evaluation methods in her work, and understands about the applicability of different methods in industrial setting. Her list of publications and the site demonstrates some results of her mission of making user experience work more systematic.

Effie Lai-Chong Law is a Lecturer at the University of Leicester, UK, and Visiting Senior Research Scientist of ETH Zürich, Switzerland. Her research domains are human-computer interaction and technology-enhanced learning. She is the chair of a large-scale European project COST Action IC0904 TwinTide on integration of cross-sectorial design and evaluation methods, and has organized several international workshops on UX.

Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila is a full professor of usability and UX in Tampere University of Technology, where she’s leading the unit of Human-Centered Technology. Kaisa has 20 years experience in human-centered design and user experience research, both in academia and industry. Her research covers user experience design and evaluation of various domains, with emphasis on design and evaluation of mobile communication products and services. Kaisa is an editor for Interacting with Computers.

Arnold Vermeeren is an Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology, Industrial Design Engineering. He has a background in Industrial Design and has 20+ years of experience as a researcher and educator in the field of human-product interaction. He teaches courses including (Cross-Media) Interaction Design, and UX and usability assessment in design contexts, at Bachelor and Masters level. His main research topics include usability and user experience evaluation methods in various domains, especially focusing on social aspects of UX and gaming.

Elizabeth Buie is an independent consultant with over 30 years of experience in user interfaces, usability, and the UX. She has performed user research, analysis, specification, design, development, and evaluation of HCI for Web sites, Web applications, desktop and mainframe applications, and complex systems such as spacecraft control centers and air-traffic control applications. She co-chaired the User Experience Communities for CHI 2009, 2010, and 2011, and is Case Studies co-chair for CHI2012.

Program Committee:

To ensure a high quality of the workshop, a program committee (PC) was established to review the workshop submissions. Part of the PC are:

Kari Kuutti,University of Oulu

Peter Wright, Newcastle University

Turkka Keinonen, Aalto University

Daniela Wurhofer, Salzburg University

Sari Kujala, Aalto University

Elke Beck, Salzburg University

Judith Igelsböck, University of Vienna

Salil Sayed, Aalto University

Robert Comber, Newcastle University

All Workshop Organizers also were part of the PC.