Position statements are invited on the following topics:

  • Applicability and appropriation of theories and theoretical concepts in UX design and evaluation: Which theories are used, and for what purpose? When are theories considered and proved to be useful in UX design and evaluation situations? How are theories and theoretical concepts applied and/or adapted to UX research questions?
  • Transferability of theories and theoretical concepts from research to practice: How different are researchers’ views from practitioners’ with respect to the necessity, utility and difficulty of applying theories in UX design and evaluation work?
  • Scoping of theories: Is there a general theory that can be applied to studying UX in different settings? Conversely, is there a specific theory that is applicable only for studying UX in a unique context?

Contributions where theories and theoretical concepts have already been applied in practice are especially welcome.

Several types of submissions are invited:

  • Analyses of the applicability and transferability of a theory and theoretical concepts to UX research or practice.
  • Case studies of using a theory, theoretical concept in UX design and/or evaluation work.
  • Review papers on the theories used in the existing UX work in terms of their fitness.

Workshop candidates are requested to send in a position statements (no longer than 4 A4 pages of ACM Extended Abstract format) about research they have been involved with (related to the topics described above) via the workshop website. Insightful papers about the topic fostering a practically oriented and an interdisciplinary perspective are welcomed.


  • January 20th (13th), 2012. Workshop submission deadline (extended)
  • February 10th, 2012. Feedback to authors
  • May 6th, 2012. Workshop at CHI2012