I am currently a research associate working on the EPSRC Digital Economy Research Centre, based in the Open Lab at Newcastle University.

My work centers on designing, developing and evaluating novel, digitally-mediated models of citizen participation that engage communities in developing the future of local service provision, decision-making and democracy.

My PhD project was an experiment into participatory methods in voting systems. This involved a deeper examination of democracy and the different avenues that it can be manifested in the local and national scale in addition to the distinctive participatory types that these democratic practices entail. These participatory types ranging from the mere act of casting a ballot to more profuse citizen involvement, such as political deliberation and contestation, requires us to reconsider how technology can support democracy through the careful configuration and design of e-voting systems.

More generally, my research interests involve e-voting, e-participation, e-democracy, usable security and human computer interaction.