The following position papers have been accepted to the Designing For- and With- Vulnerable People workshop. Downloadable PDFs of each file will follow in in the coming weeks. Authors in bold are attendees of the workshop, and you can read their bios here.

Vulnerability: Participatory Design, Older People and Researchers

Pollie Barden, Paul Curzon, and Peter McOwan

Designing Technology with a Vulnerable Population: Children with special needs and the role of the adult

Laura Benton and Hilary Johnson

Suffering Beyond Negotiation: On Processes and Participation in Design

Olav W. Bertelsen

Challenges in Designing for and with Vulnerable Children and Teens

Alma Culen, Maja van der Velden, and Anna Karpova

Keep, lose, change: Prompts for the re-design of product concepts in a focus group setting 

David Frohlich, Chris Lim, and Amr Ahmed

So Who Is The Vulnerable One?

Mary Galvin

Touching Sound: Vulnerability and Synchronicity

Sam Aaron, Phil Barnard, Ian Cross, Satinder Gill, Tommi Himberg, Richard Hoadley, Helen Odell-Miller, Rob Toulson, and Bonnie Kempske

Stories from my Thanatosensitive Design Process: Reflections on Working with the Bereaved 

Michael Massimi

The Dem@Care “Toolbox” Approach

Joanna McHugh, Alan Smeaton, Kate Irving, and Eamonn Newman

Conducting Empirical Research with Older People 

Shailey Minocha, Elizabeth Hartnett, Kathryn Dunn, Shirley Evans, Tania Heap, Christopher Paul Middup, Brendan Murphy and Dave Roberts

Emerging Values in Participatory Design and Dementia: Explicating, Operationalising and Redefining 

Kellie Morrisey

Balancing Formal Ethics Requirements and the Practicalities of a Field Study with Vulnerable Populations

Cosmin Munteanu, Heather Molyneaux, and Susan O’Donnell

Soundscapes: A prescription for managing anxiety in a clinical setting

Mark Nazemi, Maryam Mobini, Diane Gromala, and Tyler Kinnear

Evaluating Positive Experiences of Very Severe Dementia Patients

 Jente de Pee, Jettie Hoonhout, Jon Mason, Tanja Weijts, Tom Bergman, and Yvonne de Kort.

A Participatory Framework for Developing Co-Robotic Technologies for Eldercare

David Hakken, Selma Sabanovic, Derek Scherer, Wan-Ling Chang, and Heerin Lee

Co-Designing With and For Chaotic Lives: #Patchworks, a Catalyst Case Study

Will Simm, Jon Whittle, Rod Dillon, Jen Southern, and Maria-Angela Ferrario

Empathic Design for and with Vulnerable Women in Secure Hospital Services

Anja Thieme, Jayne Wallace, Paula Johnson, Patrick Olivier, and Thomas D. Meyer

Inadequate Health Literacy as a Vulnerability 

Dina Utami and Timothy W. Bickmore

A Methodology for Design of a TV Controller for People with Complex Needs

Elizabeth Valentine-House, Alexander Rawcliffe and Michael Evans

Designing Communication Technologies for Socially Isolated Older People: Fieldwork Reflections 

Jenny Waycott, Frank Vetere and Sonja Pedell

Co-production of assisted living technologies with older people

Joe Wherton, Paul Sugarhood, Trisha Greenhalgh, Rob Procter, Sue Hinder, Mark Rouncefield and Guy Dewsbury

Vulnerable or Susceptible? Designing for and with Homeless Young People 

Jill Woelfer