About Us

The co-organisers of the workshop have all conducted research with refugee communities and stakeholders within the humanitarian system. Collectively, we have conducted research in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Greece, Germany and the U.S.A.




Reem Talhouk (main contact) is a doctoral trainee in Digital Civics at Open Lab, Newcastle University. Her research encompasses the use of technology to build refugee community resilience. Her previous work in Lebanon explored the use of technology in improving access to healthcare by refugees and improving refugee agency within healthcare-provider/refugee relationships.





Karen Fisher is a Professor of human information behavior, social innovation and design at the Information School, University of Washington. Karen has worked with refugee youth from around the world, focusing on how they serve as information and technology wayfarers on behalf of other people. Karen works at Za’atari Camp as well as with Arab refugees in Europe, understanding their information behavior, and building capacity through education, livelihoods, and social engagement.  





Vasilis Vlachokyriakos is a research associate at Open Lab, Newcastle University and lead of OL:Athens. His work centers on designing, developing and evaluating digitally-mediated models of citizen participation that engage communities in developing the future of local service provision, decision-making and democracy. The OL:Athens initiative engages with local solidarity groups in Greece exploring the design of technology for the Solidarity Economy while exemplifying an alternative model of conducting Action Research.





Konstantin Aal is a PhD student at the Institute for Information Systems and New Media, University of Siegen. His main research focus is fall prevention with older adults. He is also part of come_IN, a research project which founded several computer clubs for children and their relatives including refugees.







Anne Weibert is a PhD student and a research assistant at the Institute for Information Systems and New Media, University of Siegen. Her interest is in computer-based collaborative project work and inherent processes of technology appropriation, intercultural learning and community-building.








Volker Wulf is a computer scientist with an interest in the area of IT system design in real-world contexts, and a special focus on flexible software architecture which can be adapted by end-users, as well as methods of user-oriented software development and introduction processes. He is head of the Institute for Information Systems and New Media at the University of Siegen.






Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Information Science at Cornell University. He conducts research in the Intersection between Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Sustainable Development. He has engaged with marginalized groups in Bangladesh and India which resulted in the design of several technologies. His doctoral research is focused on “voice” as a socio-technical means for freedom.