Hara Kouki

Hara Kouki

Research Associate


I am currently working at the Open Lab Athens initiative.

My background is in History and Sociology. My research, teaching and writing so far has been focusing on how people experience inequalities in the cities and form communities that seek equality and social justice.

I have been exploring for years and through ethnography issues of social movements and migration in Southern Europe. Lately I have become more interested in participatory methodologies and technology design as a way to engage with communities and contribute to their sustainability. For this reason, at Open Lab Athens I explore infrastructuring as a method; I look at how mundane practices of care and maintenance across the city are, or can be reflected in technology design; and I lead a project that designs processes and tools promoting the participation of women and underrepresented groups in urban commons.

Trained as a historian at the University of Athens, Ι completed my PhD at Birkbeck College (University of London) and have worked as a research fellow at the European University Institute (Florence) and at the Geography dpt. at Durham University. I have also worked as an adjunct lecturer at the dpt. of Sociology, University of Crete and at the Open Hellenic University (MA Social Solidarity Economy).

Moving across institutions and disciplines makes me doubt about myself all the time, but it also brings me closer to others and to new ideas, places and things.