Peter Glick

Peter Glick

Doctoral Trainee


Does technology function at the human level?

Technology could be of benefit to all our communities, but I see it failing to be utilised in many areas, with my personal focus being on families that have children with long-term complex needs. The National Health Service in England has committed to delivering a Personalised Care policy and I believe that technology has a role here, supporting families to coproduce and manage their care alongside local authorities. As part of this, I’m working alongside NHS England, NHS Digital and NHSX to coproduce their technology. Of more direct benefit to families, I have co-formed a Coproduction Group to work with local authorities to promote and support the delivery of Personal Health Budgets.

My career has been in companies such as Vodafone, Cable & Wireless, Virgin Media and IBM, performing freelance roles from developer to programme manager, throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. With this background of experience and my BSc, MSc and a MRes in Digital Civics, my PhD will research into how we can move towards delivering on technology’s potential for these families.