Rachel Sparks

Rachel Sparks

Project Manager

I am project manager for the Not-Equal project. Not-Equal is a UKRI funded network, NetworkPlus, that aims to foster new collaborations in order to create the conditions for digital technology to support social justice, and develop a path for inclusive digital innovation and a fairer future for all in and through the digital economy.

My background is in Physics, having completed my BSc(Hons) in Physics & Astrophysics at Keele University and PhD in theoretical physics at Lancaster University. Following completion of my PhD, I went on to manage the Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology at Flinders University, South Australia. This centre hosts researchers across multiple disciplines enabling me to expand my interests into other areas of science.

I am also the former Grants Manager at the BP International Centre for Advanced Materials and I have carried out Postdoctoral roles at Tomsk State University (Russia) and University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France) utilizing my expertise in the areas of molecular electronics and astrophysics.

Prior to joining Newcastle University, I was the Research Proposal Editor for the School of Engineering at Stanford University (USA). In my broad array of roles across the globe, I have managed projects from small group ventures up to multimillion-dollar collaborative programs (both industry and academic).