I am a Research Associate at Newcastle University where my role is to build on integrated outcomes to explore infrastructural research around democratising digital health. Additionally, I am a Reviewer of “EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing”. I have previously worked at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) as a Data Analyst in collaboration with Sheffield Children’s NHS, an Associate Lecturer for the Engineering modules and a Research Assistant for Control Systems Design.

Furthermore, I was a Tutor for Engineering and Computing at De Montfort University and a Research Associate in Adaptive Vision Systems at University of York in association with Nocturna Ltd. I completed BEng (HONS) Electronic Engineering (IENG) and MSc Advanced Engineering, followed by PhD from Sheffield Hallam University funded by Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, where I worked in association with Sheffield Children’s Hospital to develop non-invasive technique as a novel screening tool for detecting Long Bone Fractures in Children.

My PhD research involved:

  • development of compact devices and programs that can control vibration inducer and acquire vibration responses
  • performing data analysis.