I manage digital research and social innovation programmes at Open Lab, a world-leading research group in interaction design and ubiquitous computing at Newcastle University.

I’m responsible for the strategic management and operational delivery of the EPSRC-funded Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Digital Civics. I work closely with the academic directors and I’m responsible for administration and communications for the CDT, as well as organising training events and activities.

Alongside my work on the CDT, I manage Newcastle University and Northumbria University’s Digital Economy Research Centre (EPSRC, 2015 – 2021) and the Centre for Digital Citizens (EPSRC, 2020 – 2024).

These programmes are training and supporting researchers to explore how emerging digital technologies can promote civic engagement, and I work closely with Open Lab’s industry and community partners and stakeholders.

Working on Open Lab’s interdisciplinary digital research and innovation projects connects with my broader professional interests in education, arts and culture, libraries and information, charities, and working with children and young people.

Alongside my work with Open Lab, I’m currently undertaking a Level 7 Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship and MSc in Strategic Leadership at Newcastle University Business School.

I am also a director and trustee of award-winning theatre and creative learning charity, Mortal Fools.

I am interested in exploring how technology is changing the way we live, and how we can change technology.


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