Serdar Abaci was a Research Assosiciate working in educational technology conducting research on adoption of learning technologies in higher education.

He joined the Open Lab in March 2019. In his work with digital civics, he was looking at how the impact of technology use in education is evaluated across different contexts.


Indiana University’s Faculty-driven Inclusive Access E-text Program

  1. Abaci S
  2. Quick J

2020Inclusive Access and E-text Programs in Higher Education

University-wide e-text adoption and students’ use of, preferences for, and learning with e-textbooks

  1. Abaci S
  2. Quick J

2020Inclusive Access and E-text Programs in Higher Education


Indiana University’s affordable e-text model and strategies to increase impact beyond savings

  1. Abaci S
  2. Morrone AS

2018The Evolution of Affordable Content Efforts in the Higher Education Environment: Programs, Case Studies, and Examples


Student engagement with e-texts: What the data tell us

  1. Abaci S
  2. Quick JD
  3. Morrone AS

2017Educause Review

Research and theory as necessary tools for organizational training and performance improvement practitioners

  1. Abaci S
  2. Pershing JA



Effects of e-textbook instructor annotations on learner performance

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  2. Abaci S
  3. Morrone AS
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2016Journal of Computing in Higher Education

Learning technologies badges for faculty professional development

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2016Digital badges in education: Trends, issues, and cases


Instructor engagement with e-texts

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2015Educause Review


Preparation versus practice: How do teacher education programs and practicing teachers align in their use of technology to support teaching and learning

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2012Computers & Education

Power Analysis Software for Educational Researchers

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2012The Journal of Experimental Education