Taghreed Alshehri

Taghreed Alshehri

Doctoral Trainee

I have a background in Management Information System (MIS), and a PhD in Human Computer Interaction. I am interested in culturally sensitive approaches to design including the methods by which we conduct research with culturally specific populations and the way by which we communicate such research to diverse teams of designers. I identify myself generally as a UX Designer.

I work best as a User Researcher. I love working closely with people, being immersed in developing empathy and understanding of users, defining a design problem from the user’s perspective, developing user methods and UX deliverables, and managing user advocacy within the design team.

My PhD project focuses on women and identity presentation in the digital media. I explore women’s views and practices of self-disclosure and the societal influence on and impact of their practices. I take the stance that design is a vehicle to embody and embrace cultural change.


Scenario Co-Creation Cards: A Culturally Sensitive Tool for Eliciting Values

  1. Taghreed Alshehri
  2. Reuben Kirkham
  3. Patrick Olivier

2020CHI '20: Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems