I am a postgraduate researcher in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning.

My background is multidisciplinary but with a persistent focus on higher education. Following the completion of my BA in Mass Communication and Journalism at American University of Central Asia, I worked as a Public Relation practitioner for universities in Kyrgyzstan and Russia. Later my interests became centred around management and administration. Which led to a Master of Education degree from Newcastle University with a specialisation in Leadership and Management in higher education.

Now I am working towards a PhD on innovative methods of teaching and learning for STEM subjects in higher education. Particularly, I am focusing on student-generated content and blended learning (such as Flipped Classroom and Self Organised Learning Environment) which are built around ideas of ‘learning through making’ and ‘peer learning’. My research objective is to design a new pedagogical model which will ease the transition from traditional to flipped classroom teaching for instructors, and at the same time enhance student learning experience through the production of digital learning materials.


Engaging Science and Engineering Students in Computing Education through Learner-Created Videos and Physical Computing Tools

  1. Vasilchenko A
  2. Venn-Wycherley M
  3. Dyson M
  4. Russo-Abegao F

20204th Conference in Computing Education Practice CEP 2020

EduCHI 2020: 2nd Annual Symposium on HCI Education

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2020Extended Abstracts of the ACM CHI 2020 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Collaborative Learning and Co-Creation in XR

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2020The ACM CHI 2020 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems


Teaching Students How to Code Using Physical Computing Tools

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  3. Vasilchenko A
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  8. Joyce S
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2019ChemEngDay 2019


Video Coursework: Opportunity and Challenge for HCI Education

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  2. Wilde A
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2018AVI '18: 2018 International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces

HCI and the educational technology revolution #HCIEd2018: a workshop on video-making for teaching and learning human-computer interaction

  1. Wilde A
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2018AVI '18: International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces

Collaborative Content Creation: Impact of Media Type on Author Behavior

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The Self-Flipped Classroom Concept: Underlying Ideas and Experiences

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Media literacy as a by-product of collaborative video production by CS students

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Self-Flipped Teaching & Learning for STEM in Higher Education

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