My research aims to understand how we can develop meaningful university-school partnerships for computing education. What role should the university play in supporting local computing education? How can we support computing curriculum design? How can we look to share resources and research outcomes?

I’ve been exploring how undergraduate students could collaborate with teachers to create and deliver lessons using the BBC micro:bit, resulting in 30 hours of computing resources. I have also been working on the 12 week Micro:Vote python curriculum, in collaboration with teachers and pupils from Churchill Community College. My current project looks to explore how Newcastle University’s STEM research can be used to design exciting computing lessons, and how we can share resources for schools to deliver these sessions independently.

I am also the Youth and Technology researcher in the Not-Equal project, running engagements with pupils around algorithmic social justice, artificial intelligence, technology and ethics.


Engaging Science and Engineering Students in Computing Education through Learner-Created Videos and Physical Computing Tools

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Design Studios for K-12 Computing Education

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Teaching Students How to Code Using Physical Computing Tools

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HOPE for Computing Education: Towards the Infrastructuring of Support for University-School Partnerships

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2019CHI '19 Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems