My background is in Computer Science (BSc) and Digital Civics (MRes), and I have been working in the area of Human-Computer Interaction over the past three years with particular interests in how we design with and for people living with dementia. My approach to research is an experience-centred design that requires to work closely with participants to engage in open and exploratory examinations of their lived experience.

My prior research has considered ways virtual reality, and how the sensitive capture and curation of digital media can help to keep the experience alive for people living with dementia who might seek to experience experiences of being ‘in the moment’, that questions if design that attempts to cast back to ‘earlier positive memories’ is appropriate to enhance emotional connection.

I’m currently engaged in projects exploring:

  • Critical considerations for ethical practices when navigating the complexity of ‘everyday’ and more formal institutional ethics in dementia research.
  • Designing an immersive escape room for Red Cross Strategy 2030.
  • Design approaches through arts and crafts for academic dissemination.


Flexible, Everyday: Learning from Ethics in Dementia Research

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  5. Amanda Lazar
  6. Jennifer Boger
  7. Kellie Morrissey

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Exploring the Design of Tailored Virtual Reality Experiences for People with Dementia

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