I am an interdisciplinary researcher spanning Digital Health, Software Engineering, and HCI. I am interested in designing, creating, and studying novel Digital Health software systems. These systems are used for sensing, understanding, and actioning health data to radically transform how people live their lives.

My research often focuses on creating secure health informatics and cybernetics platforms (and ecosystem elements) as a digital health infrastructure. These include healthcare technologies (including assistive, diagnostic, self-management, and healthcare professional systems) for healthy ageing, mental health, and neurodegenerative conditions using digital sensing, IoT, and mobile devices. Within this work, I often explore the development of novel digital health biomarkers and bespoke systems for handling digital health data (e.g., sensing, secure transmission, and analysis), Natural Language Processing tools, mobile/web analytics (Software-as-a-Service), and mobile applications. I use co-design/creation and other participatory design methods as part of my Requirements Engineering and design processes to create solutions applicable to patients, service users, and health professionals. I am also interested in considering the ethical challenges of healthcare technologies. One example of relevant research is the IDEA-FAST project (Identifying digital endpoints for fatigue and sleep for people living with chronic conditions)—within this project I have adopted the role as a Work Package co-lead.

Other research interests include collaborative aspects and human-factors of software engineering, and pedagogical approaches (particularly Studio-Based Learning) and educational technologies (Ed-Tech) for teaching Software Engineering. Within this space I have collaborated on novel software architectures, designed and developed tool concepts (collaborative IDEs, predictive modelling of bad smells using software versioning), and also exploring future tool and process designs that better support collaborative and reflective software engineering.


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