My work focuses on civic education and implementing student-led learning environments online. My current project is an online education platform, On the platform, we have been running online courses with an activist focus, including Online UWC, a brand of short courses for young people on civic engagement topics including sustainable development, social entrepreneurship and global citizenship. These courses bring high school students from all over the world together in a five-week program, in partnership with United World Colleges.

My vision is to make effective online education available to everyone, in a multitude of subjects, and to create a lasting community of online learners. Students sign up to take a course, but they also become part of the wider Learning Circle I/O Ltd. community, meaning that they not only learn about their course-topic and get to know their classmates through our interactive online course format, but they also get to be part of a global community of active citizens.

My undergraduate education focused on Political Science and my thesis was on the politics of higher education in France and United States. Additionally, I hold a master’s degree in Finance and Strategy. My previous work experience includes working in a school as an assistant teacher of multiple subjects, including art, English, photojournalism and business studies. During my business career, I have worked in corporate banking, financial and strategic analysis, but also in business development and consulting for start-ups.


Unplatformed Design: A Model for Appropriating Social Media Technologies for Coordinated Participation

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SOLE meets MOOC: Designing Infrastructure for Online Self-Organised Learning with a Social Mission

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