Jennifer Manuel

Jennifer Manuel

Doctoral Trainee

I have an interest in how HCI and technology can better support civic policymaking processes and the planning system to better engage communities in decisions about the places in which they live. My research has focused specifically on neighbourhood planning, working with communities and planning professionals to consider the suitability of the process itself, and the role that technology could play within that. More broadly, I am interested in civic participation in democracy, planning and health, and the use of participatory methodologies to involve people in decisions more creatively.

I have a BA and MA in Town Planning and a MRes in Digital Civics. Prior to joining Open Lab, I worked in the voluntary and community sector both in the planning field and in health, with a focus on citizen participation. I facilitated a number of community-led placemaking projects, including one of the first frontrunner Neighbourhood Plans, as well as engaging communities in health service pathway reviews for the NHS.


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