My research looks at how digital technologies can support children and young people to make better cities for the future. Urban planners and designers often overlook these groups, and I think this is wrong. Prior to this, I trained and worked as a planner in local government.

I’ve worked closely with young people to understand the issues they face in their neighbourhoods and come up with ways to address these issues, both digital and physical. To do this, I’ve designed lots of different engaging activities, tested out new and old technologies and supported them in being local activists. The work we’ve done together has helped them to look at their environment in a more critical way. It’s also helped them to gather new forms of information and making a stronger case for local change.

I’m also interested in how our research can have an impact on policy. During my PhD, I did a three-month internship at the Office for Civil Society in central government to see this for myself.


Transport poverty and urban mobility

  1. Palacin R
  2. Vigar G
  3. Peacock S

2016Justice and Fairness in the City: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to 'Ordinary' Cities