I am a multidisciplinary social researcher, with a particular interest in how technologies are used by geographically disparate groups such as diasporas, disabled people and rare disease communities. My research spans HCI, health, sociology, and disability studies, and I have published at venues including CHI and CSCW.

During my PhD research, I have worked with powered wheelchair users to explore their experiences of mobility and to understand how they might use technology to convey these to other people. Participants led ‘go-along’ journeys, capturing smartphone video and data that they used in reflective interviews about their experiences, while subsequent Skype workshops facilitated collective sense-making and ideation. Learning from disabled people’s situated knowledge of barriers and facilitators to their mobility is essential in making environments and services more accessible. My PhD is supervised by Professors Janice McLaughlin, David Kirk, and John Vines.

Prior to my PhD, I worked in translational research to improve care for rare diseases, in roles enabling international collaboration between clinical, research, and patient stakeholders.


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