Tom Nappey

Tom Nappey

Senior User Experience Designer

My background is set in the field of industrial design where I’ve gained experience working with major companies including Unilever, Philips, Mars, and Bowers & Wilkins to name but a few.

My role as a designer is mainly centred around the ideation, design and fabrication of micro-electronics hardware with expertise in 3D modelling software and render packages to produce industry standard mass manufacturable designs. Previous pieces of work have involved the collaborations of multi-disciplinary teams where my skills have also been applied to developing the UI/UX of user based platforms and services.


Infrastructuring public service transformation: Creating collaborative spaces between communities and institutions through HCI research

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WhatFutures: Designing Large-Scale Engagements on WhatsApp

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Gabber: Supporting Voice in Participatory Qualitative Practices

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2019CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Printer Pals: Experience-Centered Design to Support Agency for People with Dementia

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Spokespeople: Exploring Routes to Action through Citizen-Generated Data

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Media of things: Supporting the production of metadata rich media through IoT sensing

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Do-It-Yourself Empowerment as Experienced by Novice Makers with Disabilities

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Challenges for Designing new Technology for Health and Wellbeing in a Complex Mental Healthcare Context

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